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Books Up Mason City is a multi-genre book signing event that will take place in Mason City, Iowa, on Saturday, September 14, 2024. This event will house authors from all genres under the same roof for a one-day event. Don't miss out on this FREE public event. We will have a professional photographer there to take those memorable photos all while buying and getting those books signed! 

Don't forget the AFTER PARTY.  You can purchase your tickets to join the authors and some amazing entertainment that will be held after the book signing event from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm. This will be one party you do not want to miss.

Event Photographer


*Authors, Assistants, VIP Readers, & Guests, before you purchase your ticket/s or visit the event, please know that our professional photographer may capture you in photographs. Those photographs may appear in any or all of our marketing material, including social media that Books and Wine Blogger is associated with.

Event DJ

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